Jo and Rob's Formula 1 Wedding

February 03, 2016 1 Comment

Jo and Rob are huge fans of sport, so it was no surprise when they planned their big day that they would want to incorporate it. Formula 1 had become their absolute favourite and it gave the couple opportunity to combine their love of travel with their love of sport! I'm delighted that Jo asked us to help her and Rob bring this theme into their wedding via their table stationery and has also agreed to let us share this and all of the other details from their beautiful big day!

Bride and groom at the altar

Jo and Rob were married at the gorgeous Curradine Barns in Shrawley, Worcestershire. The marriage ceremony took place in a beautiful rustic room with exposed brick and wooden beams, decorated with pretty fairy lights. Their photographer, Ben Fones captured stunning images from the day that the couple treasure, even if they weren't sure exactly what he was up to at the time.....

Rural wedding photograph

Jo recalls Ben asking them if they trusted him, as he led them out to the cow shed behind the barns. This photograph was the result and it is truly something special; the couple said Ben made them so relaxed and just blended in with the day. 

Curradine Barns courtyard photo

Rob's love of Liverpool FC also made its way into the wedding, with the red colour theme and flowers and it was the only colour that he and Jo could agree on. I love the statement they make in contrast to the crisp white dress and dark suits.

Handmade personalised confetti cones

The red continued with the confetti, hand made by themselves and popped into these cute personalised confetti cones the couple found on eBay.

With the ceremony and photographs done, Jo and Rob's guests headed inside for their wedding breakfast which is where their Formula 1 theme came into its own.

Formula 1 / F1 wedding table plan

Guests found their places at the table by first finding their name on this bespoke Formula 1 themed wedding table plan created by The Pretty in Print Company.

Formula 1 /F1 Wedding Table Plan in situ close up

The top table ran along the top of the seating chart, with the remaining guest tables in columns beneath. 

Formula 1 Wedding Table Name / Number Card

Each table was named after a circuit and corresponding cards were placed on each table so guests could easily find which was theirs. Jo and Rob's first foreign Formula 1 trip was to the Belgian Grand Prix and it was there they became hooked. It was the obvious choice for their top table name!

Formula 1 Wedding Table Name Card / Formula 1 Wedding Place Name Card

Each guest had their own matching place card, complete with team, driver's helmet and position on the grid! 

Formula 1 Wedding Cake

The Formula 1 wedding theme continued with this cute cake made by family friend, Charlotte Wootton. The kangaroo is particularly symbolic since Jo and Rob delayed their honeymoon purposely until the Australian grand prix.

Rural wedding photograph idea

Back home from their honeymoon down under, Jo and Rob have many precious memories of their unique and personal day to look back on. This picture was a favourite and is now a large canvas with the words 'every love story is wonderful but ours is my favourite' flowing around it; it's become a permanent feature in their lounge.

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The finer details:

Photography by Ben Fones Photography

Venue: Curradine Barns, Shrawley

Make-up by Natural Beauty by Natalie Ltd

Flowers by Tricia Penny of Peppermint

Dress from Charades Bridal Studio in Wolverhampton

Suits hired from Dapper Dan, also in Wolverhampton

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