Your Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

July 01, 2015

Sending out your wedding invitations is a very exciting point in the planning of your big day, after all it’s when your guests will get their first flavour of what’s to come. As well as choosing the invites themselves, you’ll also need to choose the wedding invitation wording. If this seems like a daunting task, don’t worry – this guide will tell you everything you need to know to get your wedding invite wording just right.

First, you’ll need to consider who is hosting the wedding and whether you prefer a traditional approach (shown on the left in the image below) or an informal approach (shown on the right in the image below):

Once you've decided that, you can simply refer to our wedding invitation wording matrix by clicking here to find out exactly which wording to use, or at least to point you in the right direction. There are a number of circumstances included to cover most scenarios and we've added the matrix as a separate document so that you can easily print it out for your reference at home. Note that as the time, date and venue do not change they have only been included in the first example.

There are a few other wedding invitation wording rules to follow too:

1. Invitations are typically written in the third person
2. ‘The honour of your presence’ is normally used for weddings that take place in a church, while ‘The pleasure of your company’ is a common alternative for civil ceremonies
3. The bride’s name should appear before the groom’s
4. Specific details should be listed in the following order: date, time, venue
5. Capital letters are only used for names, dates and titles
6. Full stops aren’t needed (except when there are paragraphs of text with extra information)
7. Commas are usually only used as part of an address

    So that’s the key wedding invite wording taken care of, but what else do your guests need to know? It could be really useful to make sure you’ve also taken care of the following:

    Directions to the venue(s): for any tricky to find places and for your guests that are travelling from a distance. The venue will usually have directions on their website and you could simply include a link to that page.

    Accommodation: If you want your guests to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about driving home, then let them know if the venue has rooms to book or if you’ve negotiated a special deal on rooms for your wedding.

    Children: The million dollar question! Be clear in your wedding invitation wording if you are inviting children to your wedding. If you are choosing invites that have a space for you to write in the names of the guests you are inviting this can help but to be totally unambiguous (and to avoid any awkward texts or phone calls) you could also include a short note to say if children are or aren’t allowed, like in the example below:

    Gifts: and finally, details of your gift list. Whether you choose to have one or not, guests will always want to buy a gift and it’s commonplace and simpler to have details on your invite. So if you already have enough pots and pans then you could consider a donation to your honeymoon perhaps or even a donation a charity. It’s definitely advisable to be clear on your wishes to avoid your guests spending their hard earned money on something you don’t want. For ideas on gift list wording and poems, head over to our Pinterest board

    At The Pretty in Print Company, we understand how important it is to give the right information to your guests and for them to have everything in one place, and that’s why we've designed a collection of personalised wedding invitations that has space to include all of the details we’ve mentioned in this guide – at no extra cost! Our A5 double sided wedding invites even include an RSVP card so your guests have no excuse for not sending one back! You can browse our collection of gorgeous styles here.

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