February 15, 2015

That’s right, from Tuesday 17th February 2015 we will have a brand new name and will be known as (imagine a drum roll please!)….. The Pretty in Print Company.

For anyone dealing with us, rest assured that this change is straightforward and will not impact on you at all. We’ve tried to have a think about some of the questions you may have though, and jotted them down here with the answers:


Over the last couple of years, we’ve focused entirely on personalised products – those being special occasion prints and bespoke wedding table plans. Names In Frames suited us perfectly.

Now though, we’re extending our range of products and have started to do this already with a small number of non-personalised prints and the start of our collection of special occasion cards. Names In Frames just doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

In 2015 we will continue to bring you more exciting new products and we needed an exciting new name to match, enter The Pretty In Print Company!

What will happen to Names In Frames?

The Pretty in Print Company will replace Names In Frames entirely for all occasion prints and wedding stationery. We’ll keep all of our old products and just pop them under our new name.

How can I find The Pretty in Print Company?

Our new web address will be theprettyinprintcompany.co.uk

Does a new web address mean a new website?

No - apart from the logo at the top and any mention of Names In Frames, everything else will look and feel just the same so you won’t need to find your way around anything different.

What if I forget the new name and type in the old address?

Don’t worry, for the foreseeable future you can still type in the old Names In Frames address and it will take you straight to our website.

Have your contact details changed?

You will still be able to use the existing Names In Frames email address for Sally if you have an open order or use the new address, which is sally@theprettyinprintcompany.co.uk. She will start to contact you via the new address but the telephone number is still the same.

What about social media?

You won’t need to do a thing, you’ll just start to see our posts come up under the new name. For your info, you will be able to find any of our social media accounts by adding /prettyinprintco to the end of the main website address.

I’ve got an open order, do I need to do anything?

Absolutely not! You will receive an email from us today explaining the change and that your order will not be affected in any way.

I've got a question you haven't answered!

Oops - please either comment on this blog below and an answer will be posted or comment on the social media post or you can drop an email to sally@theprettyinprintcompany.co.uk 

The Pretty in Print Company will be seeing you very soon!

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