7 ways to spend Valentine's Day

February 10, 2015

You’ve got your card, perhaps a gift too and most likely you have plans in the evening for a dinner out or dinner in, but what to do in the day? That’s right folks, with V Day being on a Saturday this year there’s a whole day to fill with romance! I’ve researched the best ways to spend it and these are my favourites:

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

So I know this might not be practical or suitable for everyone, but if you live with your Valentine then a night apart on the 13th could make the 14th February even more special.

2. A special breakfast

Make sure you have supplies in to cook up your favourite morning feast, or go out for breakfast instead. Eggs benedict is a winner in our house.

3. Scavenger hunt

So many possibilities here, plan and leave clues for your Valentine to find:

Their gift – this could be as simple as clues around the house. You could use places such as old photo albums, the case of your favourite DVD, your holiday suitcase, keepsake boxes and anything else that is special to you both and sure to stir up happy memories and get you reminiscing about all the good times you’ve shared.

A meeting place or location of your dinner reservation – if dinner has been jointly planned then perhaps think up somewhere for lunch or an afternoon drink (see idea 4!) and set a trail of clues to lead you there.

4. Re-create your first date

No explanation needed – just a romantic way to spend the day, reminiscing that first outing together.

5. Stay-cation

If you have really busy lives, then a day at home together with phones switched off could be just the ticket. A movie marathon or lazing around listening to music and sipping some wine sounds like heaven to me. Alternatively why not bake something or try out cocktail making? Whatever it is, just do it together.

6. Don’t stay in, go out!

If staying in all day would give you cabin fever then get out, but how about trying somewhere new together? Head out into the country for long walk, explore a museum or simply just try out that pub or bar you’ve been meaning to try for ages.

7. With the children

Valentine’s Day will look a whole lot different if you have children, so to finish off I have a few ideas on making the day a family affair:

Valentine’s Day Outfit – decide on a theme, perhaps everyone to wear something red and pick out your clothes together

Foodie fun – Get yourself some heart shaped food cutters and shape some homemade biscuits or just make your sandwiches or toast more love themed!

Craft activites – I found this great website where different bloggers have taken a turn in creating ‘31 days of love’, a different V Day inspired activity every day to make up a whole month of love! Filled with step by step guides and great photography to help you along.

I’d love to hear how you’re making Valentine’s Day special this year. Tell me below! 

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See you there!

Sally x

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