How to capture your children's early days forever

January 16, 2015 1 Comment

Everyone says to cherish the time your children are small because it goes so quickly. My question though, is how on earth do we remember the million magical moments that make up that time? It's a worry. I want to remember everything, for me to cherish once they're grown but also so that I can recount it to them. 

Of course it's getting easier to accomplish with the saturation of camera and video phones (although when I'll find time to sort the thousands of snaps into albums and hours of footage onto DVDs is another question entirely). But it's not enough, in my opinion anyway. Here are my ideas to capture those memories forever.

1. Email it

Some time ago, I decided to set up email accounts for my girls. Every so often (and I mean every few months) I will email them with updates on what they're up to, anecdotes and so on. Of course this is for their benefit when they're older, but you could just as easily send notes to yourself of stuff you want to capture. I don't send pictures, just in case the mailbox gets filled up too quickly. I hope they'll enjoy reading it when they're older, perhaps even passing them on to their children.

2. A Second Everyday

This is an app, you record a second every day to build up a movie. A popular choice is to capture a child's first year and this would give you a video of about 6 minutes. Equally though, you could use it at anytime and for anyone! 

3. Blog it

There are tons of Mummy bloggers out there and I think it's a great way to keep a diary of your life together. Local Birmingham blogger 'brummy mummy of 2' recently wrote a fab guide to setting up and writing your own piece of the internet. Read it here: so you wanna start a blog...

4. A social media account

Another option for keeping a diary like account, set your little one up with their own social media account. You could keep it entirely secret on Facebook by not having any friends and posting privately or create a private group if you wanted to include family and friends perhaps. Remember if you choose Twitter it will be in the public domain.

5. Memory box

Back to old school with this one. A memory box is a great idea for keeping bits and pieces from your little one's childhood. Tickets, pictures, drawings, cards and whatever else takes your fancy. 

6. Magic milestones


I think the milestones are easier to remember and visualise as they're obviously key events, but we decided to celebrate the first major ones in this timeline for our girls (which nudge, nudge, you can buy from our baby and child collection by clicking here). We've got things like first tooth, sitting up, first words and first steps but you can choose your own based on what's important to you.

7. And I quote

Finally, how many of you finish off the night recalling the funny things your kids have said that day? I asked my husband not long ago if he thought we'd remember all the funny things our have said in years to come. He told me not to be stupid, of course we wouldn't be able to remember them all and it made me really sad. So my friends, I told him he had to create something NOW that would help us catch the best ones.

Today, I hung this new print on the wall in our downstairs loo. Our eldest daughter Martha says this nearly every time she makes a visit to try and get out of washing her hands and get back to whatever it was she was doing - we have no idea where she got it from, but it makes us laugh. I don't want to forget it. Yes, yes - you can get one! Give us the quote and we'll do the rest. Details here.

I hope that's given you some ideas. I really, really wish I'd done the second a day video one. My girls both have birthdays this month (1 and 3, where did that go?) so perhaps I'll do it to capture their next year.

Let me know your ideas on capturing the special times pleeeeaaaaaaase below.

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See you there!

Sally x

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January 16, 2015

Thanks for the inclusion! It’s brilliant to write a blog and keep memories online forever! I love it and it’s a fab hobby! xxx

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