My Top 10 Not Needed Baby Items

January 14, 2015

In follow up to my blog yesterday about what I couldn't have lived without, today the focus is on those baby things that we found to be either a waste of money or that we coped just fine without. Here they are:

1. Over priced nursery furniture

Getting the nursery ready for your first baby is ridiculously exciting, but be aware that you don't need to spend a thousand pounds on one of those (albeit gorgeous) sets you see in the Mothercare showroom. That is, unless you want to of course! But if you feel a bit downheartened when you see the price then don't despair, you can still create a beautiful room without blowing your entire baby budget on it. Here are some simple tips:

  • Choose the cot you like and then find other cheaper items to match
  • Ikea do some lovely furniture and you can always tie up your pieces with a set of matching handles/knobs
  • Believe it or not, a normal wardrobe will fit your baby's clothes in and BONUS they won't outgrow it when their clothes get bigger
  • A set of drawers with a changing unit on top is not essential. Get a less expensive changing unit/cot top changer and save yourself the cash. I started changing on the floor as soon as mine were rolling/sitting anyway


2. The fancy bedding set

We fell foul of this one. £150 if I remember correctly on one of those boxed sets including the sleeping bag, bumper, quilt, fleecy blanket, sheet and pillow case. Here's why it was a waste of cash:

  • Bumpers are no longer recommended because of the SIDS risk
  • The quilt cover you often get in those sets are typically attached to the duvet inside - so if you want to wash it then you have to wash the whole thing! I had to buy a second duvet plus bedding so that I had a 'wash and wear' scenario
  • £150 basically for a quilt, sleeping bag, fleece blanket and a sheet, were we mad?!


3. The Familyfix Isofix base

Ooooo this one really annoyed me. Isofix base? Yes. Familyfix? NO!!

  • The (more expensive) Familyfix by Maxi Cosi is sold in as a good deal because you can attach both your first and second car seat to it
  • It is NOT a good deal
  • The isofix base for your first car seat is brilliant, slide it straight on and away you go, no messing around with seatbelts
  • You will rarely (if ever) take the second seat out of the car so once it's been fitted with the seatbelt you won't need to do it again
  • If you DO buy the second car seat to fit the isofix then you will need to buy ANOTHER isofix base if you have a second baby quite soon after
  • SAVE THE CASH and just buy one suitable for the first car seat


4.  Buying loads of clothes beforehand

  • You'll be overwhelmed with people's kindness when the little one arrives, you will be given lots of beautiful things
  • Spend your money on a 'going home' outfit for your newborn and the essential bodysuits and babygros you'll need for the first few days
  • Suss out what else you need as and when you need it


5. Tubs and tubs of nappy cream and talc

  • I bought about 3 big tubs of sudocrem before Martha was born. I don't think I've finished one of them
  • Babies actually don't need cream on unless they have a rash - it acts as a barrier so prevents your nappy from it doing it's job as well
  • Bought talc too, not recommended for babies anymore!


6. Top and tail bath

  • Top and tailing is actually great, your baby doesn't need to be washed all that much in the beginning (they don't do much to get dirty and their delicate skin doesn't want chemicals plastered on it) so no need to be bathed daily
  • A top and tail bath though? You just need a couple of bowls and warm water!


7. Nappy disposal bin

  • One we thought about, but actually it's no hardship to just chuck them straight out into the wheelie bin (or in my case, thrown from the nursery window with the aim of landing by the bin, but occasionally getting caught and being dangled from the security light)


8. Over the head babygros

  • No, no, no. Don't be fooled by the gorgeous designs! They're a bit of a faff to get over the baby's head and getting a small person's arms into sleeves in the subsequent angle is like the Krypton Factor
  • While we're at it, don't bother with babygros that have buttons instead of poppers, either. They won't stay shut


9. Bath thermometer

  • Your own finger/elbow/toe is actually a pretty good test


And finally......

10. Stuffed toys

  • Yes get a couple to add cuteness to your nursery, but your baby shouldn't sleep with them due to the SIDS risk
  • The Daily Mail published this article laying out the risks (and indeed the risks posed by cot bumpers - see point 2)
  • My girls have a mountain of the things and I'm yet to see them become attached to or play with more than one or two


Now you've saved yourself a bucketload of cash, head back over to my previous blog and stock up on my best buys!! Seriously though, once again this is just my opinion. If you're a parent already then let me know below what else you found to be a waste of money, or again the things you couldn't live without. If you're expecting a new baby, I'd love your feedback on if you found these posts useful.

January is baby month on my blog, look out for more coming soon. I'll be writing some new gift guides and will also share other useful and/or funny blog posts on my social media pages so get connected!

Sally x


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