5 First-rate Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

December 02, 2014

You’d think that having a baby and a toddler, I’d find this one really easy to write. Wrong. The thing is, there’s little point in me writing a piece aimed at parents of children, I think most parents know their little ones well enough to know what they’re going to love. So this blog is aimed at your friends and family’s children, where things start to get a bit trickier.

If you’re really lucky, parents may tell you what to buy, but if they don’t you’re faced with working out what the child is into, and even if you know the answer to that do you know what they’ve already got? I’ve searched out 5 first-rate gifts for babies and toddlers to end your search. Our children don’t yet have any of these, they soon will! You can click to buy by hovering over the title of each one.

1. Roll and Play

I liked this one so much, I’ve ordered one for my girls. This game is aimed at toddlers and gently introduces them to game playing with rules – roll the big coloured cube, then pick a card with the corresponding colour and perform the action (make a happy face, moo like a cow and so on). Straightforward and lots of fun, this game has excellent reviews and comes in at just under £15 making it a great priced gift. Even if the child you need to buy for is a baby, remember they will probably be inundated with ‘baby’ things and will always be able to grow into this one.

2. Personalised  Nursery Rhyme Book


Not much shows more thought than a personalised gift and this is a lovely one for a baby or toddler. This book is hardback, full of well-known nursery rhymes and features the name of the child throughout in the pictures. At £16.99 from Mothercare, it’s another well-priced gift option.

3. Hide and Squeak Eggs


This is one of Amazon’s number 1 bestsellers, for children of 12 months plus. Crack open the eggs to reveal press and cheep chicks and match the egg bases to the correctly shaped holes in the box. I *may* have bought one for Rosie and also bought another as a gift! At only £5.83 this is a gorgeous budget gift.

4. Decorate your own yo-yo


Although at a bargain price £3.99, this is another gorgeous gift. Toddlers, LOVE to paint and with this yo-yo they get to assemble, decorate and play with the toy! Yes, yes, yes – I bought one! A great activity for a rainy day at home. There are lots of alternatives by Melissa and Doug at varying prices to suit your budget.

5. Little Tikes Rocking Horse


Finishing up with a cracker of a cracking Christmas gift – rated 5 stars, this rocker is perfect to use indoors or outside for ages 12 months plus and you can get them in red, blue and pink. The blue one is currently for sale at just £15.99 from Amazon, going up to £21.59 for the red with the pink coming in between the two.

Well, as a parent of children in this category, I’d be thrilled with any of these – as you can tell from the fact I’ve purchased three of them and as gifts too! Family members take note – the nursery rhyme book and rocker are still up for grabs!

If you have any other great gift suggestions, please leave a comment below – or anything you’d love to receive too. 

I’ll continue to share any other good gift guides I come across between now and the big day. If you missed any of my other guides, you can go back through my blog to find perfect gifts for him, her and for teenagers too. Merry Christmas and happy shopping.

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