Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Toddlers

November 30, 2014 2 Comments

For the first time ever, we've put our Christmas decorations up in November! I know we're not the only ones that have chosen this weekend to turn our home into a den of festive, twinkling cosiness and it's in readiness for tomorrow, the first day of December, when we will begin our official Christmas countdown with the children.

With two young girls aged almost three and almost one, it's really hard to explain how far away Christmas is and so an advent calendar is a fab way of helping to get it across. In my recent blog about Christmas traditions, I shared with you the new wooden, reindeer advent calendar I've bought to fill with festive treats and gifts, I guess you could say it's our personalised Christmas calendar. Here he is, filled up and ready to go! Read on to find out what's gone inside....

1. Magnetic letters

Our eldest daughter, Martha is just learning how to turn her scribbles into letters and I'm hoping these magnetic ones will help. I'm putting in a different letter each day and will use it as an opportunity to practice making the shape and to talk about what words start with that letter and the sound it makes. I'll only need to double up letters on two days so it's almost perfect! The letters will also help in displaying the mountain of paintings that have come home from pre-school so far!

2. Christmas stickers

What child doesn't like stickers? I've cut up a couple of sheets of these and will dot them throughout the bags as an alternative to the Christmas image you often find in traditional advent calendars.

3. Christmas chooclates

I've chosen a selection of different Christmas chocolate treats and have alternated them through the days, there are snowmen, snowballs, santas and of course the obligatory chocolate coins. When we have friends coming round, I'll add in a few extra so everyone can choose a treat from the bag. I've also purchased some posh ones for Ben and I (couldn't resist!).

4. Happyland Christmas set

Martha absolutely loves her Happyland toys at the moment and so the Christmas set will make the perfect present, I've spread the figures across the weekends between now and the big day.

5. Christmas hair accessories

This one is just for girls I know, but these festive hair accessories are the perfect size to drop across a few bags.

6. Bubbles!

Unfortunately, not the alcoholic variety! They are sure to put a smile on the faces of both girls though, and will slip easily into 6 of my bags.

7. Christmas Eve

I wanted to make the final bag a little more special than the others, so there's a special chocolate penguin for Martha, plus a wand for each of the girls in addition to the usual finds of stickers and letters. Christmas Eve will also be the day of the Elf Box for us, so I didn't go too mad here. 

The gifts are mainly aimed at Martha this year, as Rosie is still a baby and most things that would fit inside the bags are a potential choking hazard for her! I know she'll pick up on the excitement of it as we empty a bag each day and is likely to find herself decorated in the stickers by her sister. Next year she'll be right in the thick of the action. I can already see that I'm going to be entering into a competition with myself to make each year's treats better than the last and so I'm really interested to know what might be going in yours? Tell me below!

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Names In Frames
Names In Frames

November 30, 2014

Thank you Kellie, some lovely ideas for little boys :-)

Kellie brown
Kellie brown

November 30, 2014

Lovely ideas here, we’ve added chocolates, a few hot wheels cars and Lego mini kits throughout the bags for Ben, going to drop a few stickers in too!

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