5 Winning Christmas Gifts for Teens

November 28, 2014

Am I really that old? Was it THAT long ago since I was a teenager? If I was under any illusion at all, then researching and writing this gift guide has proven to me once and for all that those years are long gone! And when they are that long ago, how on earth do you decide what to buy for a mid to late teen (that is not your own) these days, particularly when anything you like is most likely detested by them? Well I’ve done the hard work for you, here are my top 5 gift suggestions.

1. #Selfie

Selfie and Snapchat (Snapwhat?!) obsessed teens will love this Extendable Selfie Stick (yes, there really is such a thing) to help them create the perfect shot. The universal phone holder is suitable for iPhone and Samsung, amongst others and the stick itself is fully adjustable for close ups or to cram in more peeps. A great price at £12.99 from Amazon, you could even add a self timer remote to aid the delayed picture taking for just £2.55.

2. Been there, done that

Perfect for gap years and more, this Scratch Travel Map allows the owner to chart their travel as they go by simply scratching off the places/countries they’ve been to! It’s 42 x 29.7cm and just £11.95 from Scratch Map.

3. Coffee, anyone?

The coffee shop trend was unheard of when I was younger, but for teens these days, it’s the norm and a typical place to meet and spend time. A gift card could be an option to help pay for a trip or two and are readily available from large chains.

4. Brushing up

If this doesn’t get her smiling, I don’t know what will. At the higher end of the market, MAC’s Studio Brush Kit is a stunning set of 5 brushes packed in a cream glitter bag, at £42 it’s a bargain price compared with buying their brushes individually. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far however, Superdry do an eye catching alternative Brush Collective at just £18 for 4 brushes, complete with a neon bag.

5. Fuel for Life

Lastly, a gift for the guys. By Diesel, this cologne (NEVER use the words 'perfume' or 'fragrance' when talking about boys’ scents) is a popular choice for teens and offers a laid back, sensuous fragrance. You can get a 50ml bottle from Superdrug for £29.

So there you have it. Remember though, buying for a teen is possibly the hardest purchase you’ll make. Play it safe, include a gift receipt if you can or ask advice from their parents, or better still – ask them! GOOD LUCK!

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