My Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

November 05, 2014 3 Comments

Are you newly engaged? Or perhaps engaged for a while but now starting to plan your wedding? If so then here's a list of top tips to make sure your day is THE BEST! Written from my own experience and also collated from speaking to other brides, these include some ideas you won't find in your usual wedding tips blog.

1.  Tried and tasted

One of things we were most proud of from our wedding day was the delicious food, nearly all of our guests commented on it. It’s your day of course, but you also want your guests to have a memorable time and this is one opportunity to make it so. We were invited to a tasting evening at our venue and it was so worth going to – it helped us to make our choice. You don’t have to blow the budget either, we had the standard food and drinks package, but upgraded the main course to make it extra special.

2.  Know your date

So many of us book our weddings months and even years in advance, don’t forget to double check that your date doesn’t coincide with a big national or sporting event that may leave your guests wishing they had access to a TV or feeling the constant need to check their phones for updates.

3.  Double your dress budget without spending any more

I shouldn’t have been surprised when the dress I fell in love with cost almost twice what I wanted to pay. I convinced myself it was OK to spend the extra if I sold the dress afterwards. I got back exactly half what I paid, bringing it in on budget! I sold it straight after the wedding before I became too attached or it became dated and haven’t ever regretted it, I see it every day in my photos and it doesn’t clog up my non-existent storage space (there is no room for anything once the children arrive!).

4.  Children or no children?

Which leads me nicely onto tip 4. I completely get why couples with no kids yet don’t want any running riot at their wedding (and most parents are glad of a day off!), but pleeeeeeeaaaaaase let new mummies bring their tiny babies! I am so glad I invited babies to our wedding as now that I have two of my own I know exactly how hard it is to leave them behind, especially if you are breastfeeding. Babies spend virtually every waking (and often sleeping!) moment with their mums and so a full day and night separated from them can be very stressful for all involved.

5.  RSVP


So many friends assume that of course you know they’re coming, but I know the bride in you – you want everything neat and tidy and want to tick things off a list. So if you want to encourage your guests to RSVP on time, include an RSVP card in the invite or offer an email address or telephone number as an alternative to posting. All of our wedding invitations include an RSVP card, you can browse our collection of stunning designs here.

6.  Say cheese!

In this digital age, lots of photographers offer a package which supplies a disc full of wedding images. Very tempting to cut the cost and bonus is you get hundreds of lovely pics. Be warned - if you’ve ever created a photo book online you’ll know it’s not as quick and easy as you may first think. We’ve been married 4 years, Ben is a creative designer and we still have no album! We may not make it to our 5th anniversary if this isn’t resolved soon!  Think too about having your photographer stay into the evening, it'll help capture your best moves on the dance floor!  Seriously though, a few years down the line you'll be glad you did when you look back over the day from start to finish.

7.  Rain, rain go away

Our lovely British climate means that no matter what time of year you tie the knot, you are never guaranteed a dry day. When choosing your venue, have a think about options for photography indoors – just in case. We were lucky we had a dry, sunny November day, but it was dark early and so many of our pictures were inside.

8.  You can't please everyone

I asked a few close, married friends of mine what piece of advice they’d give to couples planning their wedding and this was a popular theme. Work out what is important to each of you, and stick to your guns it’s YOUR wedding after all.  

9.  It's all worth it

Sounds obvious, but planning (and paying for) a wedding can be a stressful thing at times, keep in mind why you’re doing it and know that it will all come together and be the best day and start of your lives together. Whatever your budget, you won’t regret a penny.

10.  Sit back and enjoy!

And finally! Everyone will tell you to make sure you take time on the day together to take a step back and take it all in. We were told that and of course we have amazing memories, but I’d love to do it all again in case there were any bits I missed (you know, like the second time you watch a film). So maybe agree a time and place where you can just be together for a few minutes and observe this day you will look back on forever. 

Let me know your favourite tip, or if you’re already married have you a top tip of your own for our brides and grooms to be? Comment below!

Our wedding photography is by Ben Fones Photography

Our wedding venue was Curradine Barns, Shrawley, Worcs.

3 Responses

Sarah Powers
Sarah Powers

November 07, 2014

Great blog! Some great tips, my favourite would have to be number one, food was really important to me and my hubby, it was worth every penny.

Kellie Brown
Kellie Brown

November 06, 2014

Fabulous list and some very good tips. I agree, I wish I could do it all again to really appreciate everything too. Such a magical day which should have plenty of wonderful memories to treasure forever.

Ben Fones
Ben Fones

November 06, 2014

Superb list with some fantastic tips, a must read for brides and grooms and im sure Ben will get round to the album one of these days hahah

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